Skwah First Nation has their own Social Development Office which provides temporary financial assistance and services to those who are unable to meet their basic needs. Located in the Band Office, the department is responsible for assisting individuals and families who are resident on reserve maintain a basic standard of living.

The office is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The cut-off date for new applications is one week before the checks are issued.

  • To make an application when they believe they are in need
  • To be given the information and assistance needed for them to make proper application for the program
  • To have all personal information treated as private and confidential
  • To be free of any consideration of race, gender, colour, creed or political affiliation in the administration of this program
  • To receive prompt, courteous, efficient and fair treatment
  • To have their eligibility determined on the basis of objective evidence as required by program policy
  • To receive all benefits for which they qualify under the policy and procedures established in the Social Development Policies and Procedure Manual
  • To be informed of eligibility entitlement in writing if they so request
  • To appeal decisions concerning an application for, or provision of a benefit
  • To be informed of their responsibilities regarding initial and continuing eligibility
  • To disclose any information that is required under the policy and procedures established in the Social Development Policies and Procedure Manual
  • To complete all required eligibility forms in a proper manner
  • To take maximum personal responsibility for achieving increased or complete independence
  • To, if required by policy, seek work at all times, and to be available for all work for which they are qualified
  • To, if employable, participate in employability programs that may be available
  • To use all available resources and income to support themselves as the preferred alternative to social assistance
  • To inform the administering authority promptly of changes in their circumstance that may affect eligibility

For more information, please contact Carol at 604.792.3492