Skwah Band Hall Rentals

Skwah Band Hall Rental

Located at 619 Wellington Ave , the Band Hall can hold up to 150 people comfortably and has a large kitchen complete with two stoves, sinks, refrigerators and a microwave. Dishes and cutlery are limited and members are encouraged to bring their own.

Arrangements can be made to have tables and chairs set up before an event, please specify on your rental agreement in the special instructions section.


Band Hall facilities are free to use for Skwah Band Members, and we respectfully request that reservations be made at least one week ahead of time.

Non-Band members can rent the facilities for a fee, and they are available for use by groups and individuals. Booking as far in advance as possible is advised to make sure you get the date you want.

The Hall Rental Agreement is available below. You may fill it out online and it will be sent to Lory Oberst who will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please check the reservation calendar first to make sure the date and time you desire is available.


Rental Rates

Monday to Thursday Price
Weekday Half Day 1 - 4 hours $100
Weekday Full Day 4 - 8 hours $150
Weekday 24 Hours 8 - 24 hours $200
Friday to Sunday Price
Weekend Half Day 1 - 4 hours $150
Weekend Full Day 4 - 8 hours $200
Weekend 24 Hours 8 - 24 hours $250
Full Weekend Fri-Sun 36 - 48 hours $400

General Information

Rules and Regulations

  1. Applicant is responsible for reading all information and for complying with all rules and regulations. The individual signing the Rental Application and Agreement personally guarantees the obligations of the organization or group using the Hall / Office.

  2. A $100 Damage Deposit is required with this application. Damage deposit will be returned only after inspection of hall results in no discovery of damage or missing items.

  3. Skwah First Nation is not responsible for claims for personal injury, or for damage to or loss of property relating to rental of or occurring on Band Hall / Office property.

  4. Individuals or organizations granted use of the Hall / Office agree to be responsible for any loss or damage caused by such use and agree to indemnify, defend, protect and hold the Skwah First Nation harmless from all claims and damages arising from their use of the Hall.

  5. No smoking, fires, or open flame allowed in Hall / Office or surrounding property.

  6. No animals allowed in Hall / Office.

  7. No alcohol allowed in Hall / Office.

  8. No use of confetti, rice or birdseed in Hall / Office or surrounding grounds.

  9. Applicant may not store items in the Hall / Office prior to event. Items left for more than 14 days after an event will be considered abandoned and shall become the sole property of Skwah First Nation, which will be free to dispose of any such items as it sees fit.

  10. On the date of the event, the Hall / Office will be opened and closed by a representative of the Skwah First Nation. This representative shall have access to the facility at all times and shall not be excluded for any reason. NO KEYS WILL BE GIVEN OUT.

  11. Hall capacity is 150 people. Office capacity is 50 people.

  12. Hall / Office must be left in a clean and tidy state, Not doing so will result in the damage deposit not being returned.

Clean Up
1. Kitchen must be clean
  • All counters, the stove, fridge and microwave must be wiped clean
  • All dishes used must be washed and replaced in proper cupboards
  • Nothing may be left in fridge, oven, microwave or sink
  • Floor must be swept clean
2. General hall area must be clean
  • All tables must be wiped clean
  • All garbage removed
  • All signage and decorations removed, including tape

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