Skwah First Nation has a very active Elders group who meets regularly to plan and fund raise for their annual attendance at the Elder’s Gathering.

Elders Gatherings are a wonderful time for people to visit and exchange memories and knowledge, to create new friendships and renew old ones. These Gatherings provide a chance to gain perspective on how other First Nations live.

In 2003, the Elders Gathering was held in Chilliwack, and upon attending many Elders realized that they would like to continue attending annually, no matter where it was held. To achieve this end, they formed the Elders group to raise the funds to pay for their travel, hotel, and food.

Frequent loonie auctions, raffles, dinners and lunches form the bulk of the fundraising, and in recent years this has been supplemented with a grant from the First Nations Trust. The Band has also contributed in the past to top up funds needed.

Fundraisers will be posted on the event calendar on this website; please attend as many as possible to help support the Elders Group!

The Elders Group would like to thank their Coordinator, Carol Alexander, for all her hard work arranging the fundraisers and trips.