Elected into office, November 23, 2020; Oath of Office completed, November 26, 2020

  • Chief Councillor  – Lara Mussell
  • Councillor – Alisha Peters (Tushingham)
  • Councillor – Eddie Gardner / T’it’elem Spath
  • Councillor – Elia Julian
  • Councillor – John H. Williams
  • Councillor – Sheila Stewart
  • Councillor – Stephen Williams / Melalhyetel


TO BE UPDATED   There are many Priorities for the Chief and Council working for our Nation. Recently these Priorities have been listed as:

  • Providing more housing
  • Dealing with crime and addictions issues that are happening in the community
  • Providing long term employment for members
  • Need to work more with the people
  • Need to communicate better because not everyone come the meetings
  • We need to hear what everyone has to say
  • Housing
  • Community Centre
  • Business ventures on the reserve to provide more revenue
  • No clearly documented goals and priorities or documented work plans for future planning

What we believe should be priority goals are capacity building of leadership via governance training, policy development training, leadership training, etc. We are highly Indian Act dependent band and would like to see a greater shift to nation-building and pride-building. Becoming a more sustainable community that is less dependent on federal/provincial government will be helpful. We need to improved communications among the membership. We need greater transparency and openness regarding band activities. We need to look more closely at the organizational structure of the band operations as there is a lot of redundancy in positions. We need a greater focus on community’s strengths – culture, language, canoe, arts, our children. Healing our people is a priority. We need to get our families who have been fighting for years, get them back together. We used to be one big community, and it is not that way now. We used to all get together, we were all friends, it would be good to be that way again. Some of the focus will be on housing, Crime reduction, Wellness. To see this survey in its entirety please visit our Facebook page